A Guide To Finding The Best Breast Pump For Working Moms

Mothers who have just given birth or who have a newborn and who must return to work immediately may find it difficult to manage their time in both worlds. Caring for a newborn and at the same time when working can be very difficult for mothers. One of the main problems many new mothers face is how to continue providing breast milk to their babies after they return to work. The solution for most moms is to use a breast pump. However, due to the different types and classes available in the market, it can be difficult to determine which pump is most suitable for working mothers.

There are three types of breast pump hk. It is a stationary machine, automatic and manual personnel. All these pumps have their advantages and disadvantages and are the most suitable for certain applications. A good understanding of this will help you determine the best pump for your needs.


Hospital breast pumps

Hospital breast pumps are commonly used in hospitals and are intended for mothers who feed a sick child, who have given birth to more than one child or a premature baby. This is also for mothers who cannot yet breastfeed, because they still do not have total breast milk production. These are the most powerful pumps designed to be used by several people, but they are also the most expensive. They are generally not recommended and unnecessary for domestic use.

Personal automatic pump

For those who are already producing breast milk, a personal automatic pump is the most appropriate. These pumps have different powers, but many of them work as well as pumps for hospitals. However, they are designed to be used by only one person. When considering automatic breast pumps, consider the number of cycles per minute of the breast pump for chu chu baby. If the number of cycles per minute is less than 30, it may be ineffective and cause discomfort only in the mother. Be sure to choose a pump that has 30-60 cycles per minute. For working moms, you should also make sure that the pump is portable, light and can run on batteries.

Hand pumps are designed for mothers who pump milk only occasionally. These pumps are very economical, but they require much more time to work and extract breast milk. Therefore, these pumps are more suitable for mothers who can stay at home and who rarely need pumping.

Final word

So, to conclude, for moms returning to work, a personal automatic breast pump is usually the best kind of breast pump for you. These pumps provide the highest decantation rate of breast milk. This makes it possible to extract more milk at home and, moreover, if necessary, they are quick and portable enough so that they can express milk during the lunch break at work.

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