Beginners guide to learn drawing —

If you are interested in learning to draw then you must understand the basics associated with this art. To learn drawing tutorials visit Here you will get to know the basics that you must keep in mind while learning drawing.

  1. Understand that drawing is an art and skill — Some people think that drawing is a talent with which a person is born and if you are good at it since childhood then only you can excel in this art form. But that is not so in reality. You can acquire the skill of drawing with proper training from a good teacher that can bring out the hidden talent in you. Just it is important that you remove the blockage from your mind that I cannot draw. Be confident and learn with an open mind.

  1. Observe your surroundings in detail — 50% of the drawing skill comes with observation. You can try to sketch anything and everything that you can see. Many of the artists spend a lot of time in public places to watch the outside environment, people, their postures, expressions etc. This gives them inspiration and ideas to create a good painting. If you are learning drawing, then first starts with stationary objects but keep the object or its photo in front of you before you draw. Observation’s very much important if you want to draw and do not want to get disappointed by the result. Studying your object is necessary to understand its details and minute aspects of it that you can show off in your drawing.
  1. Make use of basic shapes: – if you start putting in details from the first stroke then there are chances that you will end up redoing a lot of work and making big mistakes. Like while drawing a lion you made the facial area with a lot of detail but then while making the body you realized that the angle of the face it’s not proper so it can affect the entire painting in a bad way. Most expert artists start with placement and drawing of basic shapes and outline of anything that they draw. Later they put in more details to each and every part once the angle and perspective are properly set. This will also help you draw faster.

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