Correctly shape your eyebrows. Ideal eyebrows at house in a some minutes. Eyebrow makeup

Each girl thoughts of a beautiful face that attracts the views of the opposite sex. Expressive appearance, charming smile, sophisticated functions – everything becomes more attractive and wonderful when the girl has eyebrows in order. There is no need to order eyebrow care procedures at the beauty salon or from a friend. You can make unsurpassed eyebrows form at home¬† eyebrow waxing overland park ks so you can completely control the process, and you don’t have to overpay the extra amount.

How to properly pull out eyebrows

The first step is to determine the correct eyebrow location. Just do a simple test, and you’ll know exactly where you need to pick your hair.

Prepare a small ruler (15 cm), pen, simple pencil or permanent marker, your photo with a direct image of the face.

  • The beginning of the eyebrows (the lowest point, closer to the nose);
  • Midpoints (highest point);
  • Tip (midpoint, closer to the ears).


The starting point will be the wing of the nose; from there, it is necessary to draw lines on the eyebrows, passing through both corners of the eye and the pupil. The shape of your eyebrows, namely their beginning, rise, and completion,  determine the intersection points of the drawn lines with the help of eyebrows. After determining the position, approximate size, and length of the eyebrows in the photo, go to correction. The optimal time for eyebrow care in the evening, eyebrow waxing overland park ks  preferably at bedtime. Sensitive skin may turn red because of irritation that will affect your face. Before the correction, clean skin should be removed: remove makeup and wash. There will be proper to remove hair up. If you do not pay attention to this moment, the eyebrows will start to grow incorrectly, breaking free from the general form. Professionals advise you do not accept the correction of the upper line because of the danger of permanent destruction of its shape and neat appearance. Self-healing the top edge makes the brain look unnatural.

How to alter the shape of the eyebrows

A beautiful shape change is possible, subject to the following requirements:

  • First, before starting the procedure, choose the best option for the shape of arches on your face.
  • Then you should draw the edges with a pencil. They must match those shown in the picture.
  • When plucking eyebrows, do not get carried away by emotions: do not make them very thin, unlike the natural idea.
  • Having no experience and skills of eyebrow care, do not try to change your appearance radically: it is better to clean the area from separate and broken hair simply so that the shape is more accurate and well-groomed.
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