Difference between single and multicore orange circular cables

There are two main categories of cables i.e. single core and multicore cables. These two types differ greatly in their look, usage, features, and application too. If you consider which of the cables is better than the answer would be obviously multicore cables but then it depends upon the budget and the requirements of usage. Circular multicore cables is basically a general term used for an electrical cable having 3 to 4 cores and a earthing wire as well while the single core cables are designed specifically for electrical appliances for residential purposes. Both of these types of cables and wires are different in their functions and applications. Let us understand the difference between them.

Let us understand the concept of single core cables —

These are single and cylindrical core wire in the form of a metal strand. A single core is present in this wire or cable and this core is made up of aluminium or copper. The wires are available in variable thickness and gauges for different applications. The most common usage of single core cables is as follows —

  • Used for Residential purpose

Single core cables are most commonly used for domestic purpose. In residential usage and appliances, they are mainly used in electrical appliances because these wires are capable of taking a good load and so are more preferred.

  • Can work well at a high temperature

These cables have a very high ambient capacity and are a good conductor of heat as well as electricity. These wires are used in domestic appliances as they cannot burn or melt easily.

Now let us move further with understanding orange circular cable

Orange circular cables are custom designed and contain more than one core i.e. at least 3-4 cores in the cable. These are highly flexible cables and are widely used in industrial and commercial settings for the electric purpose. These cables can be custom designed professionally and are of good quality.

  • Used for commercial or industrial purpose

These cables are widely used for industrial purpose, although they have limited use in the residential industry also. They are good conductors of electricity and capable to take loads according to the requirement of industrial sectors to support huge industrial machines.

  • Usage in Entertainment sectors

These cables are also used in theatres, concert venues etc. Here the multicore cable is combined on basis of their power, data, and AV to avoid any tangled cable.

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