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How Does Capacitor Work?

The capacitors, earlier known as the condensers, are the electrical components, which store the electric charge temporarily. Even though capacitors might come in different sizes and shapes, they have just one function, storing the electrical charge. This capacitor has got 2 terminals, which are separated by the non-conducting substance named as dielectric. This dielectric is made from film, paper plastic and air while terminals are made of the aluminium and other conductive metals. Also, one can make capacitors in their home by making use of 2 pieces of the aluminium foil and piece of paper. Even though it will not be the good capacitor, still it can function or you can look for capacitors Singapore.

Use of Capacitor

Even though non-conductive material is classified as the dielectric, just specific materials will be used for constructing capacitors that depends up how it is applied. Dielectric will dictate what kind of capacitor it will be and the application. The size and type of dielectric used will determine application of a capacitor. There are some capacitors that might be perfect for the high frequency applications while others might be better in high voltage applications. Also, they are used for various applications that will range from the torch lights to the huge capacitors that will power your buses.


Capacitors that make use of air as dielectric material will be used for the radio tuning circuits. The capacitors making use of Mylar will be found in the timer circuits like glass and alarm clocks and often are used as dielectric material in the capacitors that need high voltage applications.

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