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How to Choose Your First Welding Machine

To be able to make something is a fascinating experience. If you are a DIY welding enthusiast, there is a wide range of products and accessories available in the market. This will create confusion especially if you are a beginner.

Do not worry because there is a guide that can help you buy welding machine singapore. Here’s how to choose your first welding machine:

Assess the metal
When it comes to welding, it is usually done using carbon steel. You must know that carbon steel has the ability to handle the excess heat. For this, it is compatible with the majority of welding machines. A welder can also use stainless steel especially on applications involving storing beverage or edible items. For this, it is compatible with TIG or MIG welding welding machine singapore

Create the ideal amperage
You must know that the cost of the machine will be partly dependent on the amount of current it can create. Thicker metals will need more current for them to be welded properly. With this, it is best to pay attention to the base metals and the thickness of the fixtures.

Check the specs
You should check the specs sheet of the welding machine to help you understand many things. For instance, a specs sheet can help you measure how much the welding machine can perform in a span of 10 minutes. This refers to the duty cycle. Learning about the duty cycle is critical because if you exceed, it may heat up the machine thereby damaging its internal circuits.

Analyse compressed-gas requirements
Keep in mind that welding processes call for different compressed gases. Carbon dioxide, oxygen, and argon are the most popular compressed gases in many welding procedures. If you need more compressed-gas, you should consider it before settling.  These things can help you identify the right welding machine. When you buy a welding machine, it is a long-term thing adding extra income to your bottom line. With this, you have to be patient and take your time choosing.

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