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The Benefits Of Using Compost In Gardening

There are many benefits to using and creating compost. As any gardener will know, soil is one of the most, if not, the most important part of a garden. Without good soil, the plants will not grow well and take more care and effort to maintain. However, to maintain healthy soil, most people resort to using chemicals and fertilizers. These are not only a drain on ones wallet, but not always the best for the environment. This is where composting comes in.

One of the greatest things about compost is its ability to help regenerate soil. Through the composting process bacteria and fungi grow, which in turn break down the soil. The byproduct of this break down is a nutrient rich material on with plants can feed. The rich nutrients also help the soil retain moisture so less water is needed to maintain the plant.

Through the process of composting, the nutrient rich materials have also been shown to fend off plant diseases and pests. These benefits not only keep plants healthier but reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. This allows for a more organic type of growing.

The monetary benefits of using compost are especially great in this day and age. By using compost, the need for water is reduced. composting in singapore has been shown to help plants grow larger and healthier roots. This in combination of the increased water retention of compost is highly beneficial in areas where water is a scare or limited resource.

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