hordenine dosage

The Important Things To Consider When Taking Hordenine

Hordenine is a type of chemical that has the ability to increase one’s energy, can improve focus and can also help with weight loss. Not only that, it’s also a really good mood enhancer. Its commonly found in bitter orange and barley grass. For the people that doesn’t want a cloudy brain and wants to lose weight, this is the perfect supplement to take.

But you should know that although its effects are very promising and the drug is pretty effective, you have to understand that it also has some side effects. hordenine side effects may include increased blood pressure, bad digestion, arrhythmia, and light anxiety. With this, you still need to be careful and not abuse it. In order to prevent this from ever happening, below are a few things that you can do to prevent it.

Don’t overdose: The most common reason why people get the side effects of Hordenine is that people are taking too much of it. Although it’s highly unlikely to experience the side effects, it will eventually, especially if you keep on taking Hordenine too much and for a longer period of time. This is a general rule with all drugs, never overdose no matter how “all natural” the drug is. For reference, hordenine dosage ranges from 20 – 60 mg per day.

Keep in mind the contraindications: There are substances and drugs that you should never mix with Hordenine. This is because the effects will cause unwanted side effects, will make you more prone to side effects and instead of making you feel food, will make you feel bad. Below is a few things that you should know:

  • Should not be taken by people with high blood pressure
  • Should not be taken by people already taking other MAO inhibitors
  • Never take with other stimulants like (coffee and energy drinks)

hordenine dosage

Don’t take it at times where you plan to sleep: There will be times where you want to go to work just to sleep the whole day, or you just want to go home and hibernate. If that’s your plan, then don’t take this drug. It’s highly advised to take the drug during the start of your day and nothing more. Otherwise, you will find yourself unable to sleep the entire time. Sometimes people tend to forget about it, you shouldn’t. Also, this should not be taken by people having a hangover and people with lack of sleep since it can cause tachycardia.

There are many reasons to take Hordenine and that is for weight loss, mood alteration, focus, and energy enhancement. Although these things are known to have very little side effects, the fact is, it does. Not all people will experience the side effects but if you are taking large amounts of it versus the recommended dose then most likely you will eventually. Aside from that you should also be aware of its contraindications and advised direction of use. If you wish to know more about Hordenine, make sure to visit nootriment.co for anything Hordenine.

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