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The 80’s kids are not only the first generation kids for the video games but also for those cute animated movies too. My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most popular and award-winning films which was cast in the Japanese language. The characters in the movie have a special place in the shopping sectors too. Totoro onesie is one of their famous creation which is available in the market even now.


My Neighbor Totoro is not like these modern movies. Filled with magic and cute little magical creatures this movie have won itself a cultural cult as soon as after the release. The story revolves around two sisters and their parents along with the magical creatures which help them. It is really a wonderful movie with all those beautiful and mesmerizing backgrounds.

The beginning:-

The movie starts with the moving in of two sisters along with their father in a house near the hospital where their mother is admitted. There the girls met and befriend with Tatsuo, a small dirt like a magical creature. Later, one of the sisters discover a huge Tatsuo like creature in the forest and naming it as Totoro for all its roaring and soaring sounds.

The twist:-

The twist in the story if the fight between the sisters in which one of the sisters ran away from the home. Even after searching for a long time when she can’t find her sister Totoro came to the rescue and with its help they found the lost sister.

The end:-

Lastly, they reunited with their mother who was treated for a minor cold. Then they live happily under the protection of Totoro.

There are also other magical creatures which include cats and even seeds to add extra enchantment to the story. The story which has created for the entertainment of the kids are still in top 100 best movies.

There are a lot of collections made in honor of My Neighbor Totoro, which includes Totoro onesie the babies too. One can get these from the official site For safe and quality collection.

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