Understanding the extraordinary needs of young generation

The world is now almost ruled b y the comforts and it is very hard  for us to live here without the help of these kind of sophisticated tools that can offer a wide range of comforts. So youth are always looking for the one that is capable of getting us the real leisure time all over the entire day. Think about the disadvantaged youth who have not seen such anopportunity in their lifetime. Bashir Dalwood has been understanding this and thus helping the youngsters to get something that is more than food and basic education. They need it even though it is done through funds.

For normal teen who have all amenitiesthis is not a big deal now with the availability of the online space and you can reach anything with the help of your finger tips within minutes whatever may be the destination of the thing that you need.But young people who have no access will miss the opportunity to get the exposure in terms of various social aspects.

Funds for a teen group

In order to make the disadvantaged youth Bashir Dalwood with her wife has worked hard. With the help of YMCA the couple have selected a group of 15 teenagers and sponsored for their day out. They have been given the opportunity to see the formula racing and get a greatexperiencethrough the magic shows. So this acted as an event to bring those teenagers into normal life and this couplehas a very good intention to provide these teenagersthat is something better than the food and education.

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