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What happens if employees point before the official time of the job?

The remuneration of an employee is only based on actual working time. The question is to redefine the actual work to know what happens if an employee decides to point before the time.

Effective working time: what is it?

Actual working time is the period during which an employee is at the disposal of his employer and does not attend personal activities. So it’s the time that has gone into the business to actually work. Also, apart from the 20-minute legal break every 6 hours, any break is not considered actual work. But if the question of breaks does not arise, what about dressing and undressing?

Time Clock Wizard

Point before time, what consequences?

In general,  Time Clock Wizard pointing before the hour does not give rise to overtime. Even if an employee should get dressed before joining his position, this time will not be counted. Let’s take a concrete example. An employee works from 5:00 to 13:00. This is the actual work schedule. At 5:00, he must be dressed and in front of his workstation. Time to get dressed, so we had to point before. However, there is a very specific rule in terms of dressing. Point before timewill never have any impact in this case. Indeed, two possibilities exist. The first is that the dress is mandatory but that it is not required to wear it at work. A dressing time can not be taken into account since the employee can dress at home. In the second case, the employee is obliged to wear an outfit and must wear it in a company. It must then point before 5:00. This time will not be counted, however a counterpart negotiated by the social partners can intervene, in most cases it is a monthly clothing premium.

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