5 tips to choose the best Singaporean seafood restaurant

Though Singapore is full of seafood providers, a good seafood restaurant is hard to find. Some might be short of variety whereas some might compromise on quality, while others lack the proximity required for fresh seafood. The best seafood restaurant in Singapore is the one that can fulfill the basic parameters of being a good seafood provider.

Here are some parameters that you can tally with the restaurants so that you get the best value for your money.

5 tips to choose the best among the lot

  1. Variety

Why settle for less? Choose a restaurant that provides a wide variety of seafood platters on its menu. You can check their menu online and check if they serve your favourite seafood dish or if they serve a menu where you can be a little adventurous.

  1. Proximity

We always prefer a food joint that is nearer to us. However, in the case of seafood, you need to first look for the restaurant’s proximity to the waters. That way you can be assured of fresh-catch seafood serving.

  1. Quality

Check for the quality standards of the restaurant. Ask a friend or someone who has experienced the restaurants and get an idea of their service.

  1. Hygiene
    If the dining place is clean and tidy, then the probability of a hygienic kitchen is higher. Check if the place puts an effort to maintain hygiene and make sure there will be no health hazards.
  2. Reviews

Check for the customer reviews online and see the ratings on food and services. Read the comments of previous customers and you will have a better idea of the restaurant.

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