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Cannabis: the three great families

Cannabis is commonly divided into 3 types, each with different characteristics and uses: Indian Hemp or Marijuana, Cannabis Ruderalis and Cannabis Sativa .

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Indian Cannabis (Indian Hemp or Marijuana)

It is one of the most potent cannabis strains; depending on the cultivation method, THC levels can exceed 25%.

Sturdy and easy to grow, it does not exceed 1.5 meters in height and is characterized by its typical “Christmas tree” shape. Indian hemp produces large flowers, called “tops”, very dense and with the calyxes piled one on top of the other.

For these applications, hemp cbd flower varieties of the “Sativa” family are used.

Cannabis Ruderalis (Russian or ruderal or American hemp)

Ruderalis is a species of Cannabis that originated in Russia, in the inaccessible areas of Siberia.

It is a small plant, about half a meter tall, woody, very robust, without side branches and with small tops or even without flowers. Ruderalis is used in crossings to increase the robustness of the mother plant, almost always belonging to the Indian hemp family, which in this way is hybridized.

Crossing also allows for flowering in relation to age rather than the hours of light it receives, which is not the case with any other cannabis species.

Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Sativa, the legal hemp)

Hemp Sativa or Cannabis Sativa is a very tall plant (over 1.5 m) with shorter branches than Indian hemp and developed in tropical areas (Caribbean, islands of Thailand). A single Hemp Sativa plant can produce 1.5 kg or more of dry flowers.

The best hemp cbd flower have a low concentration of THC (and therefore no doping power), unlike Indian hemp, but good concentrations of Cannabidiol (CBD) .

The beneficial properties of Hemp Sativa are due to the presence in its flower of the active ingredient CBD (Cannabidiol) and the very low level of THC .

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