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We are so used to turning on a switch and using the electric current that powers the light bulbs of household appliances that we can no longer imagine what life was like in the past, when it was lit with candles and animal traction was the main tool and engine of progress. The urgent need for development in step with the demographic increase and the evolution of desires has imposed on man research aimed at producing innovative energy sources up to the contemporary age and renewable energies. What is now innovation for us was once unimaginable. But obviously, the invention of electricity raised several issues. In this article, we will focus on the issue of security, and learning about these dangers can help prevent serious harm.

Avoid the risks of overload currents 

To avoid this danger, special switches called magneto thermic switches, or fuses, are used, characterized by a rated current. These devices can record very high currents, precisely the classic overload, and block them before tragedies and irreparable consequences occur. Breaking the circuit also interrupts the overload.

The protection of the risk of indirect contact 

Many know it as a lifesaver, but it’s not the correct term. In technical jargon, it is called a differential switch, and it is a real miracle of science, which has saved many lives and continues to make buildings safe thanks to the ability to control the current circuit. When it detects any leaks, it activates and allows the building to be made safe by blocking the operation of the electricity until the next manual restart after verification of the absence of danger.

Measures against short circuit 

We have seen the main causes of danger inside a building, those for which electrical safety had to create adequate devices. However, it is good to remember that once you have installed a safety system in your home, it will be your sole responsibility to act correctly and use it without subjecting yourself to unnecessary risks. Good maintenance includes periodic visits by the electrician, which we recommend annually, with timely interventions in case of suspicious anomalies in ordinary operation.

Home safety needs you too; electrical risk can be avoided and prevented, never postpone maintenance and find the best electrical contractors in Oklahoma City, OK.

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