Everything to Know About zelmoszipin

https://www.zelmoszipin.com/ is the online portal for Zelmos Zip-in which is a chain of convenience stores that is located in and around Georgia. The franchise is owned by Whatley Convenience Groups and the first store was opened in 1999 in Georgia with sister stores opening up in Phoenix soon. The logo for the company features one of the rescue pups that the owner stumbled across and has remained an iconic visual representation. The chain of stores closely operates with multiple stakeholders across the board such as vendors, small business owners, producers, farmers, and the community they serve.

Where are these stores located?

The franchise mainly operates in the states of Georgia with a substantial amount of exposure to the regions of Alabama as well. Currently, they own and operate 12 stores across two states. They have six locations in Columbus, GA which also serves as their home base. Many of these stores are located in gas pumps near the interstate. They have a range of mid-sized stores in Phenix City, AL, and are located in 2 areas. They also serve 2 different locations in Leesburg, GA, and one location in Shellman GA. These stores are generally on the smaller side.


Why is this range of stores so lucrative down the line?

  • Their stores are located in locations that are always witnessing a substantial amount of foot traffic and are easy to reach by several modes of transportation.
  • They are known for providing some of the best deals and prices out there and make for a lucrative buying option.
  • Their staff is extremely well-trained and is always eager to reach out to customers and ensure that they have the best user experience.
  • They have some amazing community partnerships such as the ones to support local teachers across small communities.

Zelmos Zip-In is a story of successful retail chains across the US that bring in a sense of family into their business. They also represent the American dream in which a single man could build an empire and help serve communities and make a difference in the fabric of the locality they are present in.

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