Contact Lens Solution

Few More Contact Lens Solutions For You

If you are getting ready to remove your contact lenses but realize that there is no solution in sight, you are, more or less, out of luck. This is because no other product or substance performs as well as contact lens solution, and some so-called “alternatives” arerisky. If you follow the instructions below, it will be easier for you to avoid being hurt.

Some recommendations

It is not recommended to use water as the contact solution. It is very unusual for water to be completely devoid of bacteria, many of which may cause eye infections. Acanthamoeba, which may be found in the lake, well, or tap water is considered one of the deadliest parasites. It can developinto a severe form of keratitis known as Acanthamoeba. This kind of keratitis is not only excruciatingly painful but is also difficult to cure and may, at times, need therapy for more than a year.

Solution for home-oriented

Fight the temptation to make your contact solution at home. It won’t turn out well. Do not attempt home cures, no matter how enticing they may seem. It is common knowledge that the homemade saline used in preparing one’s contact lens solution contains harmful microorganisms that might result in blindness.

Another bad idea is to substitute eye drops for contact lens solutions. Using them as a solution is not recommended, even though they may be inserted in the eye while the wearer of contacts is still wearing them.

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