How does chakra healing work?

This age of healing movement has a lot of new kinds of services, from wellness to yoga and ancient Buddhist zen teachings.

The latest in the market of healing services is Chakra healing. TheĀ chakra healing services offer a unique way to restore your body. What happens is – The practitioners of chakra healing will use singing bowls of different frequencies. These frequencies then will help in regenerating and relaxing the body and mind.

Most chakra healing services are used for spiritual as well as mental healing of the customer. They also use reiki products such as crystals, herbs, and singing bowls.

Meditative experience

You can have a meditative experience, As most healing practitioners will ask you to lie comfortably on a mat. The practitioner will introduce you to the first base chakra – that is, the root chakra. The root chakra crystal bowl sound by striking the bowl. Some chakra healing retreats will ask you personal questions to ensure you have more personalized meditations. They will light up some sage to give you a more spiritual ambiance.

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Use of crystal bowls – In chakra healing, crystal bowls of various shapes and frequencies are used. These are known as singing bowls or Tibetan singing bowls. These are known for their resonance, as when struck with a mallet; they produce a sound that lasts a few seconds. These resonant frequencies ensure high reach. They travel from our eras to our whole body.

Chakra targets

Base chakras – The base chakras resemble our physical and emotional well-being. The root chakra – Yogic scriptures resemble the point in the base of our spine. This chakra is responsible for our stability. The sacral chakra is the second from the root chakra and resembles the everyday pleasures of our life and sexuality. Crown chakra resembles our pride and self-esteem.

Higher Chakras – The higher chakras are – Heart, throat, third, and crown. These four chakras resemble our spiritual and mental bodies. The heart represents our ability to stay open-minded. The throat chakra resembles our ability to speak and understand others, the Third eye is our intuition and instinctual nature, and the crown is the last that resembles our higher consciousness.

Overall, these chakra healing services help find the mental balance a person needs.

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