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How to Mark Cards without Using Ink

 One would say that marking cards without ink are an excessive skill to learn. Proficient magicians do it all the time. Marking cards by ink are much more costly than the distinctive common method of marking cards. The maximum common method of marking cards (and the maximum popular brand) is marking the Bicycle brand deck of cards. There are manifold ways how to mark cards, however, the one accurate fact is that the finest way stands out more than any other method. The finest way of being a way that is reliable and discloses not only the card number/letter however also the suite of the card!

How you can mark cards

poker scanner system

        Marking the card could be as simple as using a sharpie to mark a small change on the rear of the card. The marking must be reliable with all of the suites as well as numbers/letters so as to it is universal plus easy to point out the card. Markings would be very small and not clear. Using a red sharpie toward fill in the white of the card is a great technique of marking a red-backed deck of cards.

Which one is cheaper

        In conclusion, marking cards the customary way is much inexpensive than the luminous ink method of marking, though, on the flip side it is much calmer to get caught through a professional by this method due to physical markings. Dominate any poker game by the best-marked decks’ infrared camera lensescompletely designed to notice invisible ink markings on blue glowing infrared marked cards.

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