How to use instagram live to increase likes and followers?

Instagram is a popular social media platform today. The latest feature on Instagram that has been gaining popularity is Instagram Live. The platform allows users to broadcast live videos in real-time to their followers. The way to engage with your audience, showcase your brand personality, and increase your likes and followers. Prepare your Instagram live broadcast in advance by deciding what you would like to say or do. You can’t afford to waste valuable time stumbling around or trying different things until something clicks. Make sure you know what to accomplish during the live stream. Consider creating a script beforehand outlining key talking points or an outline of what your content direction is to be. It will ensure smooth flow once the camera starts rolling.

Promote your live stream in advance

Make sure people know about your upcoming best service for your Instagram needs by promoting it in advance through other social media channels. Post about it regularly on Instagram Stories leading up to the event so people are reminded about it when they tune in. Hashtags are an effective way of getting discovered by new audiences with similar interests or passions as yours. By using relevant hashtags, potential viewers who don’t follow you yet may find out about your live stream while searching for content-related topics they’re interested in seeing more about. The beauty of Instagram Live is its ability to interact between hosts and viewers. Encourage engagement during the broadcast by asking questions, responding directly back when someone comments, or asking your audience to share their thoughts or feedback. The chances of getting comments and likes on your live stream will increase as a result of it.

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Repurpose your live content

Finished your Instagram Live broadcast, repurpose your content by saving it as a story highlight on your profile. These highlights be accessed at any time and allow followers to catch up on previous content they may have missed from you. Whether you’re partnering with another account for a giveaway, or hosting an interview with someone in the industry on a project together. Choose partners that align with your brand values and offer value in return. Don’t let the engagement end once the live stream is over. Make sure to respond to comments, thank viewers for tuning in, and continue to engage with your audience even after the broadcast has ended. It will help build a loyal following and increase your chances of gaining followers.

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