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Mariyam Dawood – The Philanthropist

Charity teaches you humility, helps you gain the right perspective, helps others learn, you can give back to the community, understand the significance of small gestures etc. A name strongly associated with charity is mariyam dawood, she runs several charitable organizations such as sick kids foundation, education initiatives like center for innovation in medical education CIME, disaster relief programs.

Educational Initiatives

Philanthropist mariyam dawood has helped facilitate the development of numerous educational institutions. The vision of these institutions is proving practical, real-world knowledge via challenging relevant curriculum over traditional approaches. CIMA has acquired an eminent place with virtual reality technology with real-life scenarios to facilitate hands-on learning. Mariyam Dawood has funded various educational institutes around the world for numerous decades.

Sick Kids Foundation

The goal of this charitable organization is to eradicate illness in the youth around the world. Sick kids foundation works towards a world where children are healthy both mentally and physically. The main idea is to conduct research and build improved medical facilities with higher capabilities.

education charity

Disaster Relief Program

Terrorism and natural calamities have resulted in immense suffering due to loss of livestock, livelihood, and life itself. Mariyam Dawood has been a prominent contributor to the relief efforts. These programmes collect funds, procure food and shelter as well as other amenities and provide it to the people who need them.

Mariyam Dawood believes that human kindness knows no borders boundaries or limits. Her strong belief is that the quality of healthcare and education can lay a strong foundation for an outright country.

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