Gift card


Carry a card!

            Carrying a gift card has become a sort of fashion statement these days as much as a payment and purchase option. The handy vanilla gift card is a very much sought after to go gift both as a gin and as a personal gift to oneself. You can sign up online with the gift card company website and get your own gift card or give it to family members or fiends or to an associate at work. But the one most important thing while you carry a gift card is that you need to check your vanilla visa balance from time to time and be aware of the funds available at your disposal.

Register online:

            You can register online at the website and open an account so that you can make a gift card and when you have registered you can sign in at any time for the purpose of making a card or replenishing the card.

Check online:

Gift card

            You can check it easily online by opening the company website and go the relevant page and log in to the box that is provided for the option to check balance. Give out your 16 digit card number and your e mail and the next step is to give the expiry date of the card. This will enable you to check your balance immediately. This is as simple for anyone to do.

Multiple functions:

            When you go online for the check, you can perform some other functions related to the gift card such as activating the account or redeem the account or even replenish the amount in your account. If this does not work online you can also make use of the calling option at the number provided at the back of the gift card. They are prompt to reply to your query.

It is made easy!

            Nothing in the banking functions can be as easy as this gift card option and does rival the credit card and by checking the vanilla visa balance, you stay alert about your finances.

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