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If you love skiing in the snow then obviously you will need to buy ski wear. Without proper ski wear you will freeze in the chilling cold and you will not be able to enjoy this snow sport either. You can find a wide range of ski jackets and other accessories on

While buying ski jackets you must check for few things that will impact on your buying choice.

Types of ski jackets:

ski wear

These jackets comes in various fits and styles so you must choose the right one that will fit your needs. There are three different types of jacket:

Hardshell: This is an uninsulated shell jacket and is quite versatile in the market. It provides resistance to wind and water and has a lesser breathability as compared to the softshell jackets.

Softshell: These are quite handy for different types of activities. It can be used as an outer as well as a mid-layer. They are treated with a DWR coating and are more breathable.

Insulated jackets: these are best for extremely cold weathers and skiing in the North pole regions. They have an outer shell for waterproofing and a layer of insulation below that. This can be synthetic or down insulation.

Fit and style available in ski jackets:

This includes various styles of jackets ranging from short and cropped jackets , slim fitted to baggy and big cuts favoured jackets that are preferred by freestyle skiers. The fit of the jackets is important to consider for the layers underneath it. Majorly fit and style can be divided into 3 basic categories such as regular, slim and loose.

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