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Technological Innovation for a Safer and Smarter City

MotherApp is one of the most technologically innovative companies you can ever come by in Hong Kong today.  The company is set up to meet the needs of various government organizations that are in need of perfect solution to crowd management. The company makes use of big date, real-time monitoring, AI video analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and Computer Vision to provide quality monitoring and security services available here. You can learn more about the services provided here at

The services provided here are not limited to Hong Kong. Government agencies from neighboring cities and countries can also benefit from the services provided by MotherApp. You can learn more about these services by visiting

video analytics software

The company has so many experts in its employment that can help to implement, develop and design strategic smart city solutions to enable the efficient of city. The service offered here ensures the welfare of the citizens and promote their security at all times. Some of the technological and innovative products and services provided here cover the following:

  • Energy usage
  • Misbehavior recognition
  • Road traffic conditions
  • Crowd management and
  • People counting

All these services can be analyzed via the proprietary video analytics software powered by an AI. can help with data gathering, data analysis and presentation of the analyzed data in an easy to understand manner.   The various innovations provided here will ensure the safety of the citizens, provide live data updates, help with accident detection and traffic control, help with crowd control and can equally be useful for crime deterrent and detection.

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