Tips to stay alive in escape from tarkov

Tips to stay alive in escape from tarkov

Nowadays, players like to play shooting games, it makes the players energetic and gets released out from the stress. The game developer knowing the interest of people they started creating many forms of shooting games. All the games have different themes and so players would try all kinds of game. Escape from tarkov is getting the attention of the people due to its interesting gameplay. It is one of the hardest game, players prefer to use an escape from tarkov cheats to complete the levels. If you want to survive long then check out the below tips.

Listen carefully:

While playing the escape from tarkov you should not slow down the volume. Sound is a vital part of this game and you should listen carefully to the noises and actions of enemies. With the help of sound, you can easily target the enemies.

Tips to stay alive in escape from tarkov

Close doors:

Once you enter the building then close all the doors of the building. If you leave a door open then it is a clear sign for your enemies that someone has entered the building. With the help of escape from tarkov cheats, you can find the enemies even when the doors are closed.

Be aggressive:

Escape from tarkov game should be played aggressive. Being passive will help you to stay safe and it leads only a few kills. But it does not makes the gameplay interesting. This game favor and expects only the aggressive players.If you want to get more kills then pressure your enemies. With the storm of the battlefield, you will get high points and place in the top position.

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