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Types of Pick and Pack Service Singapore

Pick and pack is a type of system, where people select the orders of a customer, and then place the order in a shipment after doing all necessary things. This service is mostly used by ecommerce people, for their different orders. In this article, we will see more things about the pick and pack service singapore.

What are the strategies of pick, and pack?

  • Piece strategy: It’s a piece pick type of strategy chosen by many companies because it’s very simple. This strategy is mainly for small types of warehouses, and workers do their work with no complicated things.
  • Batch strategies: The warehouses which suffer from lots of orders at one time apply the batch pick strategies. It includes collecting all orders individually. The worker of this strategy can make many orders at one time.
  • Zone strategy: In this warehouse get divided into some zones. The worker only picks the order from their zone. The different procedure has a different zone in this strategy, and this is how they pick and pack service singapore work in this.
  • Wave strategy: This idea comes with two other strategies, which is a zone, and batch. The strategy works by including both different strategies. In this zones are assigned, and batches are also there for workers of order picking.


Many picking services are available in Singapore with their different offers. Service, which does their work fastly in less time, and an affordable price is the popular choice of people when it comes to the pick and pack service.

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