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Understanding Handyman Services In Webster & What To Expect

To begin with, who is a handyman? A handyman or handywoman simply put is a trouble shooter or a problem solver.  He or she is highly skilled at a wide variety of repair and maintenance work on the interior and exterior of a building. A handy man is also used to loosely refer to a business person or politician who overhauls or makes substantive changes to a business or party. However, we shall examine the job of a handyman in the specific sense.


The duties and responsibilities involved in handyman services in Webster include plumbing, installation, repair and maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment, general building cleaning, painting, carpentry, and flooring, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). Thus, the setting the handyman usually finds himself include educational institutions, homes, specialized facilities, business premises amongst others


The great news is that, generally, one does not need to have a certification or license to practice or operate as a handyman. However, in some countries or some states in the USA, some certifications need to be got. In other states, registration will select bodies will suffice. For instance, in South Carolina in the USA, albeit a handyman under the classification of Residential Specialty Contractor does not require a license or certification to work, he or she must be registered with the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. Similarly, in Utah, handyman jobs over $1000 will require the filling of a handyman application form. However, where the charge exceeds $3000 or the job requires building permits, a contractor license must be got.

From this, we can see that a handyman differs from a contractor in the sense that a handyman does not require a license or certification to complete their repair tasks. However, contractors often require contract licenses to carry out their tasks.

Handymen vary in terms of skill level, qualifications or licenses, experience, location and professionalism. This in turn affects salary or wages. However, in the USA, the average salary of a handyman is about $18-20 per hour.

In conclusion, anyone can be a handyman in so far he or she has the requisite skills and garners the necessary experience.

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