What Is 4/20? The Marijuana Day Explained

What Is 4/20? The Marijuana Day Explained

This blog post will discuss the importance of marijuana day, or weed day 420. Weed day is one of the most important events in history for cannabis users because it marks their victory over the dark ages of prohibition and ignorance when marijuana was considered a dangerous drug with no medical benefits. It’s also highly significant for medical marijuana patients because it signals that advocates are taking back control from politicians who have attempted to demonize cannabis as dangerous and cause harm by pushing harsh laws that target harmless citizens.

What Is 4/20? The Marijuana Day Explained

History of the 420 Cannabis Culture

In the early to mid-1990, a group of cannabis culture enthusiasts in California decided to celebrate marijuana day every April 20th. They chose that date because it was on the traditional day to burn incense in China and other Asian countries and also because it’s commonly associated with cannabis smoking. The smokers didn’t fail to point out that marijuana had been used by America’s founding fathers themselves and was a perfectly harmless plant that was wrongly classified as a dangerous substance destined for prohibition. The society members were also dedicated to the legalization of cannabis and making it an accepted part of American culture again.

Medical Use of Weed Day 420

Although most people use the day to celebrate a legal and open marijuana culture, it’s also one of the most important days in history to medical marijuana users because they can finally feel confident that they aren’t going to be treated like criminals when they purchase their favorite herb. For many patients, smoking weed has been the only effective treatment for their condition and those who have been denied access because it was illegal have suffered considerably as a result. It’s for that reason that marijuana day 420 is also very significant to them.

The Importance of Weed Day 420

Cannabis advocates have been able to expose the flaws in prohibition and recent medical marijuana laws around the country with great success on weed day 420. There are a number of important issues that need to be addressed by legalization advocates, such as how drug screening will be conducted under a legal industry, regulatory agencies and law enforcement as well as interpreting the recently passed federal medical marijuana laws.

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