employee time attendance system

What Is Employee time attendance System And Its Types

Attendance Management tracks your employees’ working hours. It’s the method you use to track how much time your workers work and how much time they take off. Employee hours can get recorded on paper by utilising spreadsheets, punching time cards, or using online attendance software for your organisation. An employer can use anĀ employee time attendance system to track workers’ working hours, late arrivals, early departures, time spent on breaks, and absenteeism.

Time and attendance system types:

When weighing your alternatives, you’re likely to come across the following arrangement:


Using biometric time and attendance solutions, you’ll know who’s swiping in and out of your company. These high-tech employee time attendance system utilise face recognition, fingerprint scanning, eye scanning, and other biological markers. That is unique to one individual to confirm that the person clocking in is the person working.

employee time attendance system


The timecard option is a digitised version of the original mechanical punch clock. When you implement a timecard system, you will provide your employees with a timecard that looks similar to a credit card. These cards automate time tracking, but just like paper timesheets, employees may swipe one other’s cards to cover for absent or tardy coworkers.

Key fobs, proximity cards, and badges:

Rather than requiring you to swipe a card, these time and attendance monitoring methods rely on scanners that scan identification cards, badges, or clue fobs within a given range. Many time and attendance monitoring tools may track your employees’ movements within your office in addition to clocking in and leaving.

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