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Where the notorious battered fish first appeared

Crispy battered fried fish, a favorite of the British, has been a fixture along our shores for decades. Before being introduced to the streets of London in the south and Lancashire in the north, the dish was first inspired by the “Pescado Frito,” which the Western Sephardic Jews brought to our little island in the 17th century, but who was first has been a matter of contention. Fish and chip restaurants proliferated as the meal started to capture the nation’s taste buds with its tempting salty batter, eventually becoming family-run companies with front-room locations.

The famous fish and chips businesses had become widespread throughout the nation by the late 19th century when the industrial revolution was in full gear. By the Second World War, the crunchy staple had become so popular that it was one of the few foods that had to be rationed, with lines of eager customers waiting for hours outside of stores to get their hands on a piece of freshly battered fish served in newspaper with copious amounts of salt and vinegar.

How to create crispy fish batter

Before battering, pat the fish dry with paper towels and sprinkle it with flour for a crispier result. Making ensuring that the fish has been fully defrosted is especially crucial if you’re using frozen fish. With a smoking point of about 220°C, sustainable palm oil is one of the best oils to use for deep-frying your preferred fish. With a few basic ingredients and your choice of locally caught fresh fish, you can replicate the addictive texture and flavor of your favorite chippy at home.

The ingredients in fish batter.

Beer, white flour, baking soda, and salt to taste are the traditional ingredients for batter. Here is a guide to the best batter mix in honor of the meal so you can make this mouthwatering traditional British food at home just as you would in a chip shop.

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